My Parents First Computer and Internet Guide was written while my Dad was battling lung cancer. One of my brothers gave them an old computer and he and my mom wanted to learn how to use it. The Guide didn't start out as a book; it grew out of the quick how-to notes I wrote to them. It was at Dad's suggestion that I organize the notes into a book. I'm happy Dad saw its first draft, but sad to have to say we lost him only one month later. Dad's courageous battle and Mom's incredible strength will forever inspiring me to help defeat this relentless disease.

It is hard to appreciate the hard work and dedication that the people in the health care industry have, until you or a loved one is terribly ill. In the midst of that horror, these incredible, compassionate care-givers give us the strength to go on. And new research gives us hope.

By dedicating part of the profits from selling these books, I hope that one day we will find a cure. To date you have helped us donate nearly $40,000 for cancer research and patient care. Thank you.

There are so many incredible research foundations and facilities, here are a few worthy agencies that help us fight the good fight. If you would like to donate to any of them, please click on their name to go to their site.

Donate to the BC Cancer Foundation or Donate to The American Cancer Society or The Mayo Clinic

Donate to the Canadian Cancer Society or the Micheal Cuccione Foundation for childhood cancer research.

Children's Fund for Cancer Research, America; the Zach Sobiech story...


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