Good sunny morning to you, Louise:
Your gentle sense of humour is evident in your writing.  You are fortunate to have found your writing voice....obviously missing from the vast world of manuals.
I would like to buy a copy of some of your other publications.  Probably just what the doctor ordered.
Sylvia P, Delta BC


Dear Louise,
I am 83 and got two of your first books for christmas. They are great and I am looking forward to getting more. How about one on Smart phones. ... I like your style of writing, not jokeing around like Dummies
books, rather just plain, simple and straight to the point information. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I would be glad to hear if there is an 'Android for my parents' to come out sometime..
Cheers, .
Dick F,


Hello Louise, I have the full set of ( 3 ) and have misplaced ( lost ) the My Parents went Mac , this is spot on as I have the 17" Mac Book Pro. You have helped soo many folks with your efforts. You have a knack to add , humor to your book's I like that.
Jerry L- San Jose, CA


Louise, Here at last is a book of instructions that even I comprehend   Pass that on to prospective buyers!  If I can understand it at 83 then so may they. Bert S., Annapolis Royal, NS 

Dear Louise, I ordered a two books last month for my neighbor but it seems I need to borrow one from her almost every day. Please send me another copy of Beyond the Basics... Chandra S., Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dear Louise, When I am in trouble with my computer, and I always am ! I used to call the help line, and start with, "Now pretend you are talking to your grandmother, and remember she doesn't understand anything about computers." It helped only a tiny little bit! Now I just use your books, and I am always amazed that I can understand what you are explaining, and I mark the page, so the next time I try something like paste and copy, (or is it copy and paste?). I just go back to my marked page and don't have to try and remember, it is all there is black and white! Bobbie Putnam, BC

Hello Louise and a very Merry Christmas to you and those you care about as well.

Yes I would love to take a look at the new book and timing is good as I am starting up a new class the second week of January. I have put the address of the Senior's Centre and my home address below, please feel free to use either. Thanks very much for your kind offer and I suspect I will be placing a new order with you for more books as we have sold most of what we got in the previous order. Our challenge is trying to decide which book is the most appropriate for each person and quite a few buy both to be sure they have what they think they may need.

I tell them as each class starts that our material is based on your first book with some updates for Windows 7 and a bit of the kind of additional material you put in book 2. Also FYI I had never touched a MAC until very recently when my Daughter got one. I used your MAC book to do my initial familiarization with it and found it very good. In fact from that book I was able to make several suggestions to my Daughter to make things a bit easier for her and her kids. The best part was that I was able to get through the book in just a bit over an hour.

Just consider this another affirmation that your books are perfect for just about anybody to get their first taste of computers, Windows and MACs. Aurora Senior's Association
Aurora, On L4G 6J1
Attention: Bob Hedenberg

Dear Louise,  We are delighted with your computer handbook for parents and would like to order another one.  Regards Doug, from Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia
Dear Louise, I bought the book for my mother and she found it much more helpful than when I tried to explain things to her.  As she put it, I told her all the same things but it was easier to follow when she could read it in a book. Leslie, Dalhousie University
Dear Louise, “…I really like the way things are laid out systematically and user-friendly. I will continue using it with my learners…” Adele, Computer Class Instructor
Dear Louise, Thank you very much for your expedient action on my request for your book "My Parents' First Computer and Internet Guide" After reading the first few pages I can believe that even one so untutored and ancient as I will soon be "surfing" with the rest of "the moderns".  Mr. Smith, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
Dear Louise, I just want to let you know that your book arrived on Friday and how delighted I am with it. It should be a great help when I get hooked up. I love the plain language in which you explain things that the manuals use only jargon for; you also explain and interpret the jargon. Many thanks! Muriel from Nova Scotia
Dear Louise, Your book has been extremely helpful in helping me to assist my wife to the computer world. We both like it because the writing is in simple laymen's terms and easy to follow thanks for asking and we continue to refer to the book for guidance Have a good day Frank B., from Dartmouth
Louise... To tell you what we think of your book. Well so far we, my husband and I, have bought eight copies. We each have one for our computer areas (and we have both used computers some twenty years) and given the rest as gifts. This condo has many new to the web world and we have a library where I put a copy. Thanks! There is always something to learn and something we have forgotten and the book helps. Heather, Dartmouth
Louise, Here at last is a book of instructions that even I comprehend   Pass that on to prospective buyers!  If I can understand it at 83 then so may they. Bert S., Annapolis Royal, NS 
If you have any comments or questions please send me an email. I would love to hear from you -


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