Keep it simple, learn it quick. Written with a conversational style, you'll enjoy following along simple how-to exercises for each new thing you're learning. It'll remind you a bit of that old-style workbook you used to have in school. Right from the start, you’re going to love how easy this makes it to learn Windows 10.

You'll learn how to use Microsoft's new internet browser, the Edge and practice using its cool new tools. Save sites to your Favorites and even change the look of a website to look like a page in a book for easier reading.

Email is really and truly simplified with Mail 10. Learn how to send and open attachments, how to add addresses, create and send email. With examples to follow along while you're learning, you'll have the hang of it in no time at all.


My Parents Learn Windows 8, 2nd edition
Whether you're a computer newbie or just new to Windows 8, this fun little guide will have you up and going in no time at all. Includes instructions for both Windows 8 and 8.1. Chapters topics include: Computer and keyboard and mouse basics
, learning to personalize and use the new Start screen, learn about Windows 8 Charms, learn to Email, use the Internet and more!

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My Parents Get Windows 7, 3rd edition
If you're learning how to use a computer with Windows 7, this is the book for you! Chapter topics include: what to look for when purchasing a computer, keyboard and mousing skills, surfing the internet using Google, safe surfing skills, email with Live Mail and Outlook and how to install programs. You'll even learn how to use Live Photo Gallery and a few tips and tricks with your digital camera! "It's like a patient teacher gently guiding you along."

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My Parents Second Computer & Internet Guide: Beyond the Basics, 5th edition.

Ready to go beyond the basics? Here, you'll find straight-forward help for people using Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP or Mac computers!Follow simple steps to customize your computer, have more fun with Word, learn Excel basics, learn how to use Google Docs and more. Get Internet savvy and learn about internet security and online banking, get to know Amazon, eBay and Alibaba. Start using Skype, join Twitter and try out Facebook. Go beyond the computer and do more with your digital camera and photos, learn about iPods and iTunes, get cell phone wise, learn how to text and more!!!

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My Parents Go Wild for Word. The quick guide to learn Microsoft Word 2007 - 2014.

With dynamic active learning, this book quickly teaches you how to use Microsoft Word. First with Get Started, you'll learn the very basics including creating, saving, opening and closing documents. Next, follow The Tour Guide and learn your way around each and every tool that Word has. Included in this book is a Word Command Index that every Word user wishes they had, you'll never have to scramble to look for a command ever again! Creating exciting professional looking documents is just a few steps away.

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My Parents Went Mac! An easy guide to using a Mac, iPad & iPhone.
Here you'll find easy straight-forward directions that will have you enjoying your Apple computer in no time at all.Written in terms that works with both new and older Mac operating systems. Learn to set up and personalize your Mac, sur the net with Safai and learn about internet security. Learn how to use Mail and enjoy the benefits of email. Learn how to use iPhoto, iTunes and iPods.

Learn to use an iPad and an iPhone with quick how to notes. It's simply the way to go! Included with this purchase is a bBonus gift - iPad Crib Notes.

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My Parents Got An iPad - The Crib Notes
With only 12 pages!!! You will quickly learn how to use an iPad or iPhone with this wee booklet. Personalize your home screen, download apps, change your settings. Learn how to dial on your iphone, use your address book, and so much more.

iPad Crib Notes_Free PDF from KLMK Enterprises
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Master Windows 8 in no time at all. Step 1: If you are new to computers start here to learn the different parts of your computer and get comfortable maneuvering around Windows 8. Step 2: Learn to use Windows 8 Charms! Charms are new to Windows and make using your computer a breeze. Search, Share, Start, Devices and Settings, you'll love what they can do for you. Step 3: Now that you know the rest, you're ready to learn how to use Windows 8 Mail, Outlook online, download Apps from the Store, personalize your computer and so much more.


This is the e-book verson of My Parents Got An iPad. It is perfect for those who already know how to use Mac Mail and Safari. Buy now on iTunes! Quickly learn how to use an iPad or iPhone. Personalize your home screen, download apps, change your settings. Learn how to dial on your iphone, use your address book, and so much more!

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